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Sovereign Breath Circle

with Maggie Ostara, PhD

Monday, October 9th, 6:30-9:30pm


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Join us as we gather in community to dive deep inside ourselves for the purpose of greater awareness, compassion, understanding, and healing. Together we release what is no longer working, and bring in that which we most desire.


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Location: Downtown Sebastopol, CA. Location given with registration
Generously Co-Sponsored by Community Heals

Investment: $40 in advance: $50 at the door if space is available.
Use code SAVE10 for $10 off for first time participants.

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Join us during this potent healing circle to open to your inner landscape, divine guidance, and your truth. Bring whatever you wish to let go of, gain insight about, heal, or understand, and receive the blessing of this potent harvest time and each other.

“Clarity Breathwork is a powerful way to shift past blocks that keep you from being your authentic self.  Maggie expertly facilitates the experience and holds space for both the group and the individual.  I’ve had several powerful experiences of taking the next step on my journey of evolution with Maggie as facilitator of Clarity Breathwork. I highly recommend it and her.” ~ Dr. Melissa Patterson, ND

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Sovereign Breath Practice (formerly Clarity Breathwork®) creates a powerful yet gentle transformational experience that releases out-dated beliefs, stuck emotions, and stagnant energy from the cells of your body, and enables you to open to divine source energy. Deep states of realization, love, and bliss commonly emerge during a session. The practice creates an altered state in which you are able to access and work with your inner landscape in ways not available to you in daily life.

A refinement of Rebirthing and Clarity Breathwork, Sovereign Breath Practice clears the path of your soul development and fosters personal empowerment. Maggie trained with, was mentored by, and then taught alongside the founders of Clarity Breathwork, Dana and Peter Delong and Ashanna Solaris.

Practicing this form in a group magnifies your experience by drawing on the group energy as we dive and rise together. Dyad processes and sharing with a partner and/or with the group create a safe and supportive container for deep awarenesses and breakthroughs. Witness and be witnessed by compassionate and caring other breathers.

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Participating in this healing circle enables you to:

  • give juice and blessing to what’s already working in your life and that you want to amplify and expand
  • release obstacles, resistance and/or disappointments so that they do not gather more power,
  • with compassion and conscious intention, identify and shift what’s not working, and
  • open to surprising new possibilities as well as direct your energy where you desire it to go!

Each month we have a loosely held theme as listed above. However you are always welcome and encouraged to bring to your session whatever is alive for you in the moment. You may focus on any area of your life, such as relationships, business or career, money and prosperity, physical health, creativity, confidence, purposefulness and contribution, or your emotional well-being.

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Both ways of practicing Sovereign Breathwork — in a group or one-to-one with a skilled practitioner  — create a potent and safe environment for you to relax, let go of stress and out-dated patterns, and breakthrough to your next level of ease, freedom, and inspiration.

Private sessions provide you with individualized and customized support to take you deeper. During a private session, you will receive Maggie’s full attention. You will be invited to share deeply and confidentially about early life experiences, such as your birth and family of origin, highly impactful experiences through out your life, as well as what you must want and need support around right now.

Maggie’s caring and insightful support while you are breathing, which may include specific processes and guidance for release and new perspectives, will accelerate your healing and growth processes. Schedule a private session — or optimally a series of ten sessions — when you want to get to the root of your issues and uplevel your life from the inside out. Email Maggie here to schedule a no-cost conversation to see if private sessions are right for you.

“Maggie Ostara is the most present, aware and caring practitioner I have ever experienced. Just when I think I’ve gone deep with her help, another layer is peeled away and more is revealed! I highly recommend Maggie for those who want to grow into their higher selves and become more emotionally complete.” ~ Bill McMillan, Ten-Session client

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Maggie Ostara has been a certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and Trainer for almost 15 years, and recently decided to rename her practice Sovereign Breath to to describe the evolution of her offerings. She loves facilitating the deep healing, evolution, and empowerment that unfolds when breathers let go their out-dated patterns, reset their “normal”, and fill themselves with their own soul’s energy. She has supported hundreds of clients to experience greater aliveness and freedom through her group and private session work.

Maggie also has many years of experience as a sought-after spiritual business coach, an ecstatic mover in the Conscious Dance Community, an Ivy League Women’s and Gender Studies professor, a qualified Awakening Your Light Body teacher, a devoted mother and loving partner. She currently lives in Sebastopol with her teenage daughter and feline spirit animal, Belle, and maintains a supportive and friendly relationship with her former husband, DJ and web designer, Geej Mauriva.