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“I highly recommend Clarity Breathwork and Maggie Ostara for those who want to grow into their higher selves and become more emotionally intelligent and complete.”       ~ Bill McMillan

Would you like to be able to manifest your
dreams and visions,
even in those “difficult” areas?

No doubt you’ve created tremendous success (as you define it) and experienced much richness so far in life. Yet you are also aware, perhaps painfully so, of certain areas that have resisted your intentions and efforts up until now.

You may have experienced frustrating situations, circumstances, upsets, and disappointments that repeat themselves to your dismay. Perhaps relationships unfold and end similarly, or work troubles recur even in new environments, or issues with your body continue even though you’ve been working on yourself for years.

Maybe you aren’t as confident as you’d like to be, and feel challenged in speaking up for yourself, drawing clear boundaries, and negotiating with others so that your needs and desires are honored, respected and met.

Or maybe your communication skills are excellent, and your career is booming, but you have not been able to connect with the life partner who truly sees and adores you, and provides you with the witnessing, affection, and support you long for.

invite you to explore how Clarity Breathwork® can support you to evolve your life with my complementary Audio eCourse now.

My gift to you, this Audio eCourse, includes a 25 page ebook plus two audios. One audio provides you with instructions on the practice itself, and the other guides you through a introductory session. The ebook gives you a brief explanation of how I support breathers during a session plus the metaphysical philosophy that underlies the practice. You’ll be able to experience the magic of this transformational spiritual practice in the privacy of your own home, whenever you need or desire it.

Whatever your situation, you’ll be delighted to discover that it really is possible to transform repetitive situations, frustrating patterns, health and relationship challenges, and core beliefs that you’ve been experiencing, perhaps your entire life.

I have experienced this level of deep and lasting transformation in my own life, and I’ve witnessed this in many, many clients, students and practitioners of this powerful work.

“I find this process liberating and empowering.”

I’ve done three group healing sessions of Clarity Breathwork with Maggie Ostara. Clarity Breathwork has given me a window into my deepest self and helped me feel more compassionate and appreciative of my strengths, and to acknowledge myself for all I’ve already overcome in my life. This has only helped to strengthen my self-esteem.

When I’m breathing I can access information and a sense of knowing inside my body that I am not otherwise consciously aware of. I believe that all my memories live in my tissues in my wise body. Experiences from my early life, including my birth, and past lives, are revealed to me in ways that I can learn from and easily integrate into present time.

For example, during one session I remembered taking my first breath when I was born. And with that came the sense that I wasn’t sure, then, if I wanted to be here, or that I was worthy and deserving. But having this experience illuminated for me, I came to realize that I do want to be here, and I do want to take that breath!

I am worthy, I am strong and capable and I have so much to offer. From that insight, I got another insight into an old pattern that does not serve me, and I’ve been able to update my (self) perception of who I am and what my life is about. I find this process liberating and empowering.

~ Ashae, Nourished to the Core

Discover the Power of Clarity Breathwork to

Create More Personal Freedom and in your inner landscape and greater command in your outer world

Open Your Heart to your own divine nature, the deeper truth of who you are, and all the energy you would ever need or desire

Release from the Cells of Your Body limiting beliefs, blocked emotions, and stagnant energy that are keeping you imprisoned in stories from the past

Resolve Ongoing Dilemmas that have felt intractable and perhaps have been plaguing you for months, years, or even decades

Receive Profound Inner Guidance on questions you’ve been asking and haven’t been able to answer on your own or with the input of your friends and mentors

Gain Clarity and Insight regarding decisions and next steps you’ve been pondering but haven’t felt certain enough to commit to

Affirm and Embed New Conscious Choices about relationships, your work in the world, money and prosperity, and your physical and emotional health and well-being

“It is so different being in the world after working
with Maggie. I feel so much more at peace.”

When I first began working with Maggie Ostara, I was looking for help and insights with debilitating migraines. For the prior 13 years I had been experiencing migraines which were getting more frequent, more painful, and were now lasting for three full days. My life was coming to a standstill. I was getting to the point where I was afraid to book weekend events and workshops because I was worried I would have a headache.

My first Clarity Breathwork experience was in a Group Breathing Circle led by Maggie. The whole right side of my body tightened up throughout the session, while the left side of my body felt almost normal. I was thrilled because I knew this pattern was connected to my headaches. The right side of my body had always contracted the day before the onset of a migraine.

After the circle, I signed up for private sessions with Maggie, and I ended up breathing with her 17 times. I especially appreciated Maggie’s strength, commitment to the work and energy level. I never had to worry that my energy and releases would overwhelm her. She provided a safe container where I felt completely supported.

Those sessions changed my life. The intensity of my migraines greatly decreased, and with additional changes in diet and exercise I was soon headache free. I think of my life as before and after Clarity Breathwork. It is so different being in the world after working with Maggie. I feel so much more at peace.

~ Jeri Lawson, Healing Touch Practitioner

Meet Maggie…

Maggie Ostara, PhD cherishes supporting clients to release suffering and realize their full potential through Clarity Breathwork and Spiritual Growth Counseling.

Maggie first discovered this practice when she was transitioning from her work as a women’s studies professor at Columbia University in New York, and she was looking for inner direction to a new career in alignment with her soul purpose. So taken was she with the practice that in 2004 she quickly became a Clarity Breathwork practitioner, and then a trainer, herself. She has supported hundreds of clients in private sessions, in group healing sessions, at large events, and inside of her long-year coaching programs.

Well versed in many transformational practices, Maggie finds Clarity Breathwork unparalleled in its ability to create change rapidly, to bring startling clarity, and to heal and evolve on multiple levels simultaneously. Maggie is also a sought-after trainer, speaker and business coach for practitioners and business owners in the healing arts.

“This experience created a fundamental shift inside of me…of how valuable I am and my gifts are.”

I was coaching with Maggie Ostara when I had my private Clarity Breathwork session with her. I was feeling disempowered, and I couldn’t see how I was ever going to be able to give my gifts. Simply the thought of offering them to the world would illicit fear and withdrawal. I had had memories of past lives in which I had been persecuted and killed for giving my gifts.

During my session with Maggie, I experienced an embodied sense of being welcomed and revered for who I was and the gifts I gave! So many lifetimes in which this was true came forward into my awareness and flooded me with wellbeing and love. This experience created a fundamental shift inside of me into a body knowing, not a mental knowing, of how valuable I am and my gifts are. I continue to touch back to this experience even now to remind myself if I get off track. The benefits have continued for years.

~ KimJoy Monser

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